Egg Donation India

Egg Donation India

Nowadays, millions of people all over the country have blessed with their child cause of using the modern techniques of infertility treatments and these treatments get over with the combination of Egg Donor or Sperm together. But sometimes most of the woman get failed to produce a healthy egg and this complication could be the cause of several reasons, so that in all scenarios the requirement of the egg is fulfilled only by the donor.

What is Egg Donation?

Egg Donation is a process where a woman donates her egg for another lady, who cannot produce her own egg just cause of her unproductive cycle. These donated eggs get used for the process of IVF treatment or could be used for research also.

Who could be an Egg Donor?

IF you want to be an Egg Donor or require an Egg Donor than you should consider on few things,

  • Donor must have completed his/ her family.
  • Female donor should not have any complication regarding her monthly menstrual cycle.
  • Age should be between 22 to 35
  • No family history of infertility disorder
  • Have both ovaries
  • Must have good physical health with no record of hereditary disease
  • Should not be addicted of any intoxication object

Who need an Egg Donor?

There could be lots of complications where someone requires an Egg Donor, even about this information your connected Doctor or Clinic can prescribe you better in all the situations, but in some of the scenarios you basically require an Egg Donor such as,

  • Infertile patient doesnot have ovary or premature ovarian failure
  • Have been undergone with unsuccessful IVF Treatment
  • Already undergone chemotherapy and irradiation process
  • Not able to produce a productive egg

Additionally Sure-IVF offers you woman egg as well as our service is also available for male infertile patients. We not only provide an Egg Donor but arrange sperm donor also, so that a single male also can complete his own family. Even if you want, then you also can arrange an egg/sperm donor yourselves.

Once you connect to our clinic we let you understand the whole process step by step and our highly professional specialist prescribe you much better way to get your own child. Our dedicated team is also available at every step until your treatment gets over.


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