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Today web is full with lots of resources on infertility and assisted reproductive technology. In this section we tried to help you in your fertility journey by offering you essential infertility related information.

If you are struggling in getting pregnant, you are likely to be feel like you are alone and do not have any control over the situation. But fortunately you are alone in this struggle. We believe that if you have sufficient knowledge and hope you will get success in building families.

What is Infertility?
Infertility simply means you cannot conceive. Even after having regular unprotected intercourse some couples are unable to conceive naturally and said to be infertile couples. The term can also refer to the biological inability of female who cannot carry pregnancy to its full term.

Mostly people believe, getting pregnant is easy as once they have decided to have a baby, just stop using birth control methods and have unprotected sex and pregnancy will easily occur. But everyone is not blessed like others and approx 10 to 15% of couples are facing issue in conceiving these days.

If someone is struggling in getting pregnant, there is no need to worry as modern reproductive technology now makes it possible for infertile couples to conceive artificially. These treatments are usually safe, highly effective and surprisingly simple and at the same time proven to provide successful results.

Infertility world is full of unnecessary misconceptions and one of them is mostly couple require In Vitro Fertilization, though it is the most successful treatment method for infertility, but as per the studies, around 15% couples eventually need IVF and rest can be easily solved with other treatments like IUI.

Most common Causes of Infertility
Numbers of infertility causes are there and depends on many factors including age, sperm count, motility, endometriosis, ovulation failure, poorly functioning or blocked or damages Fallopian Tubes, congenital abnormalities, cervical damage and some lifestyle factors etc. In some cases, even after all evaluation and tests has been performed, specialists are unable to reveal the exact cause of infertility and this kind of infertility is often known as unexplained infertility.

Female Infertility
The biological inability of a female that makes her unable to conceive even after 12 months (if age is under 35 years) and 6 months (if age is over 35 years) of regular unprotected sex is often known as female infertility. As several causes of female infertility are there, one of the most common is the delaying in childbearing that will results in diminishing ovarian reserve. A woman is normally born with 1 or 2 million of eggs supply in her entire life and do u know only one is released in her each cycle during ovulation. However it is estimated that female fertility is at peak before 30 years of her age and after that it starts to decrease. There are treatments available for female infertility depending on the cause of it that can be diagnosed by infertility tests including blood and urine tests, a basal body temperature test, an endometrial biopsy, an ultrasound to test uterus and ovaries. Laparoscopy and hysterosalpingogram are some complex test only performed when doctors unable to diagnose infertility from above tests.

Male Infertility

The biological inability of a male due to which he is unable to make his female partner pregnant is known as male infertility. Most of us believe that infertility is a female issue, but the fact is 20% of infertility is due to the male issue and around 40% of infertility is because of sperm problems along with female issue as well. That why experts suggest both the partners to go through fertility examination to find the exact cause of it. Genetic and some environmental factors are there that commonly causes infertility in males and the common diagnostic tests for male infertility is semen analysis.

Common Infertility Treatments

When first baby was born with assisted reproductive technology in the United States in the year 1981, after that several other ART methods have been developed to help infertile couples in achieving their dreams of enjoying parenthood. Having so many options sometimes make couples confuse in deciding how to proceed and with which treatment. As understanding the best possible treatment is essential, it is good to discuss all the aspects related to infertility and suggested treatment with your doctor.

Modern infertility treatments available for male as well as female infertility are

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
  • IVF- ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • Egg Freezing/ Donation.
  • Egg Donation/ Freezing.
  • Embryo Donation/Adoption.
  • Surrogacy Treatments.
  • IUI (Intra uterine insemination).
  • Laser Assisted Hatching.
  • Other reproductive surgeries.