An Introduction to Surrogacy:

Surrogacy clinics in delhiAn accepted medical method of Assisted Reproduction, Surrogacy is a kind of arrangement where one woman carries a baby or pregnancy to its full term for another woman and after birth hands over the baby to the couple. The female who is ready to rent her womb for another couple or carrying the child is often known as surrogate mother of that child.

The term surrogate originally taken from the Latin word Surrogatus means substitution or to act in the place of. In the year 1899, the history of surrogate motherhood begins and in India surrogacy center also dates back in time.

Surrogacy is a third party contract based arrangement in which the intended parents contracted the Surrogacy procedure and will be the legalized parent of the born child. Although the procedure is widely accepted and legal in several developed countries, but it is not for everyone. The surrogacy treatment is usually suggested for damaged uterus, repeated IVF failure, absence of uterus and for single or same sex couples.

Kind of Surrogacy Treatments:

Straight (Traditional) Surrogacy: In this surrogacy procedure, the surrogate egg is fertilized with the sperm of intended father via artificial insemination. In this way, surrogate is biological mother of the born child.

Host (Gestational) Surrogacy: The embryo developed from the intended mother egg and father sperm via In Vitro Fertilization is transferred to surrogate mother womb for further fertilization. The best part is that it provides couples the opportunity to have Genet related child

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Why India is chosen as Best destination for Surrogacy treatment:
Undoubtedly, India atmosphere is different from other countries, but the diversity of New Delhi, India is found much better than others like the culture, nature and so forth which are too beneficial for health or standard for a disorder patient. So that if you are opting for surrogacy in India than many reasons are found to choose this country such as:

  • The vital prospect is that the treatment of Surrogacy is totally legalized in India
  • Probability of availability of Surrogate mother is highest
  • Highly qualified & experienced IVF specialist & Doctors are involved in this process
  • Surrogacy treatment is completely Economical in India
  • Ability of Surrogate mother is more than another country

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