Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy Mother

egg-donors-delhiSurrogate mother is a blessing for intended parents so that they can fulfill their dream of extending their family. Either you are availing the service of gastrological process or traditional process, surrogate mother plays a vital role in the entire process.

Who is Surrogate Mother

A lady who agrees to deliver a baby or conceive a child for another couple or carries someone else baby is called a Surrogate Mother. Basically, she is hired by another couple or sometimes by an individual also. In this process, she gets ready to become pregnant with donor sperm by using the modern technologies such as IVS, IVS ICSI. After completing the period of pregnancy, she delivered a baby and hand over to its intended parents.

Not Able to Find out a Surrogate Mother?

Sure-IVF totally helps out to let our patient meet with a Surrogate mother, because we are aware with all the hurdles of potential parents. Though, this depends on their wish as they may find themselves to a woman who gets ready to be a Surrogate.

Ability to be a Surrogate Mother

Although being a surrogate mother is proved such as a blessing for intended parents, but it does mean that anyone could be a surrogate. As per the Indian law a Surrogate mother should have fulfilled some requirement such as,

  • She must be at least between the ages of 21-40 years of age.
  • She must have given a birth at least to a healthy child
  • She should not use to of having drugs, smoking, cigarettes or alcohol
  • She must have a perfect & a healthy medical history
  • She must not have faced any complication related to pregnancy & illness
  • The vital is that she must be committed to carry or take care of another child in her womb

Why a lady would agree to be a Surrogate

Yes, the main object which is considered by prospected parents is that why any lady would be ready to be a surrogate mother then there are two reasons are found behind giving an approval by a lady and those are,

Kind Hearted: Sometimes lady agrees to be a surrogate just because of her nature of helping other. Cause of having a kind heart, she wants to be a part behind of someone else happiness.

Compensation: Sometimes lady wants compensation despite of giving her effort and time for delivering a child of a prospected parent and this compensation could be paid though finance or any other thing, but all the objects are decided before the treatment by all connected people involved in this process

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